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It is not every day that you could witness and do such things that you can only do in a resort during a vacation. But once you live in One Crown Suites, every day seems like a holiday! Why not? 

The One Crown Suites features amenities and facilities similar to a resort. It has a co-working space with a business center to keep you abreast of work remotely while having a good time. Furthermore, your family will enjoy the swimming pool and kiddie pool with pool lounge any time. The pool deck has an outdoor shower and seating area. Your serene enclave in the city also features a playground and outdoor lounge, Sauna, and massage room, private dining area, a daycare center, and a game room. The facilities also include male and female toilets with shower rooms, a covered badminton court, an outdoor fitness area, and a roof deck garden and lounge area.

The rooftop of One Crown Suites has a basketball half-court, a hammock area, an outdoor fitness area, and bleachers. The viewing decks on the rooftop have a 360-degree panorama of the skylines of Manila and the nearby cities.

Moreover, when you buy a unit at the One Crown Suites, you and your family will have access to the Winford Resort amenities & facilities. The Winford Resort’s main attraction is the Promenade, which is envisioned to become a tourist destination. The Promenade’s walkways will be made of cobblestones, which were used during the Hispanic era.

Smart Home Unit Features

Unlike old-fashioned condo units in the Philippines, your room in One Crown Suites is provided with modern technology, such as smart home automation. Here are some of the features of the brand-new technology applicable to all suites:

  • Motion-controlled lights using sensors: The light in the bathroom turns on automatically once someone enters. The motion-sensor lighting turns off once it does not detect movements within a minute (or so).
  • Smart Home Deliverables: Smart home gateway (RF/IR controller) features RF light switches, IR emitters, and Wi-Fi routers. All are controllable remotely using a mobile app.
  • Appliance control: IR (or infrared) transmitter/s is provided to link and control appliances operated by a remote (like television, air-conditioning units, etc.). The system applies to the bedrooms and the living and dining areas.
  • Lighting Controls: RF (or radio frequency signal) for light switches is installed. It controls and monitors the use of lighting fixtures via the phone app. The system applies in the living room, dining area, bedrooms, and balconies.
  • Swimming pool and kiddie pool
  • Pool deck with seating area
  • Playground and Outdoor Lounge
  • Roof deck Garden and Lounge area
  • Outdoor Fitness Area
  • Basketball Half Court
  • Sauna / Massage Room
  • Co-working Space
  • Private Dining Area
  • Daycare
  • Game Room
  • Covered Badminton Court
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